Training simulation dialogue tree

This dialogue tree was written (in 2016) for (though unused by) a health simulations and training company. The simulated conversation was designed to be used to train pediatricians on Motivational Interviewing (MI) skills, which can be used to help change patient behaviors. 

In this conversation, a pediatrician (“Dr. Naru,” whose choices the player controls) is conversing with a father (“Jerry Phillips”) and his daughter (“Kristen Phillips”) about a potential pediatric sleep disorder.

In keeping with the MI approach, the dialogue favors open-ended questions—in order to encourage the NPC to open up more and build rapport with the player—and “reflections”—repeating back and summarizing a conversant’s statements.

The progression of the dialogue is designed to be relatively non-linear and to contain “pitfalls,” which produce negative consequences in the simulation.

A dialogue tree for a pediatrician training simulation
Training simulation dialogue tree detail/excerpt

“Through My Eyes” – Oculus Rift + interactive fiction (+ Harry Potter)

Created for:

Project length:

  • Medium-long (approx. last quarter of the term, final group project design document).


  • Diondra Arroyo
  • Enid Brown
  • Kelsey Buttendorf
  • Jullie Harten
  • Matt McGowan
    • my principle contributions: “Persona,” “Context Scenario” and “Narrative Flowchart”


  • As a group, produce a full, thorough design document on a project of mutual interest.

For our final project, my group came up with an Oculus Rift-driven, interactive fiction learning game experience titled “Through My Eyes.” Here’s the concept brief:

Through My Eyes - concept brief
(Layout by Jullie Harten)

The full design document is here:

“Through My Eyes” – full design document

and these are my principle contributions:


TME - persona
(Layout by Jullie Harten)

Context scenario:

TME – context scenario (pdf)

Narrative flowchart:

(Page layout by Jullie Harten)
(Page layout by Jullie Harten)