Review of King of Texas (incl. interview with Patrick Stewart!)

Time Out NY review-interview

This is a short review I did–in 2002–for Time Out New York of the telefilm King of Texas, an adaptation of Shakespeare’s King Lear, starring Patrick Stewart–whom I got to interview, as well. (Yes, it was unbelievably exciting to do so. And he was incredibly nice, calling me back–it was a phone interview only, sadly–when we got cut off, as he wanted to make sure he’d answered all my questions.)

TONY_King of Texas - M McGowan

55-word story

Composed for an Interaction Design for Learning Environments (Fall 2013) assignment (as a part of the Digital Media Design for Learning degree at NYU):

On Mission

“Stalin wanted a new army that was brutal and pliant,” McCauley whispered. “Some scientist suggested human-ape hybrids. Stalin agreed. Women volunteered.”
“BS…,” hissed the kid, gripping his rifle.
“The scientist reported only failures. Left Africa within a year.”
“So why the heck we here?”
“The scientist lied.”
–From behind them, a grunt of acknowledgement.

Grant proposal excerpt (the Child Mind Institute Biobank)

I spent several years working in the not-for-profit world working as a grant writer. This is an excerpt of a larger grant proposal I wrote for the Child Mind Institute’s Biobank:

[C]omprised of data from 10,000 New York City area children and adolescents (ages 5-21)…[t]he Healthy Brain Network Biobank houses data about psychiatric, behavioral, cognitive, and lifestyle (e.g., fitness, diet) phenotypes, as well as multimodal brain imaging, electroencephalography, digital voice and video recordings, genetics, and actigraphy. Beyond accelerating transdiagnostic research, we discuss the potential of the Healthy Brain Network Biobank to advance related areas, such as biophysical modeling, voice and speech analysis, natural viewing fMRI and EEG, and methods optimization.

Grant proposal excerpt – CMI Biobank